Making Dreams Come True

When asked what she could not live without her answer comes easily, she is passionate about family, friends, elegance, and doing things right! Deepika says her success comes from surrounding herself with good and like-minded people. Her advice to anyone would be to follow your dreams; you have one life to live, live it to the fullest!

Deepika Bhalla
Owner & President 

Every event has a personality

Hannah's personality and love for people is why she is the perfect first contact for our clients. She gets to know each client's needs, wants, wishes, and dreams all in the first meeting. Hannah enjoys seeing everyone's excitement as they walk through the venue and start imagining their event. 

Hannah Cissell
Sales Manager

Every detail is important

Sarah is our detail oriented extraordinaire. From meeting with clients to conveying all the infromation to our team, her attention to detail is impeccable. She also has a very creative side and adds a lot of fabulous suggestions from grand events to intimate gatherings. 

Sarah Stanley
Sales and Event Coordinator

Joy comes from bringing people together

Suzanne truly enjoys sharing all the wonderful people and events that walk through the doors at Chateau Luxe. Every event has such a unique personality that it becomes a treasure to share that with our following and our community. 

Suzanne Victor
Marketing Manager

Showing joy through cuisine. 

You will always find Maurice with that contagious smile on his face. He has so much love for what he does and is always challenging himself in finding new dishes, building menus based on seasonal foods, and using as many local ingredients as possible. His favorite part of the job is the tastings. Especially when clients have a hard time narrowing down their options. 

Maurice Gordon
Executive Chef 

There's nothing like the energy in a busy kitchen. 

Charlie is an exceptional chef that loves to create unique cuisines from all areas of the world. Seeing a dish come together from conception to a 300 plate dinner is so fufilling. 

Charlie Kenyon
Sous Chef